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Geography is a diverse discipline that bridges the arts and social and natural sciences, providing a comprehensive education that discusses pressing issues including environmental change, regional and global inequalities and the transmutation of global economy and culture. Geography studies the places and the relationships between people and their environments. Geographers explore both the physical properties of Earth's surface and the human societies spread across it. By studying Geography students obtain a unified view of the rapidly-changing world and how society influences, and is influenced by it.

The Bodoland University Geography focuses on the interrelationship between physical and human environment. The Department was established under the faculty of Environment Studies, in August 2015, and is committed to deliver its curriculum to resume education for the refurbishment of our physical and social environment. Thus anybody wants a career that too takes him outside the walls of an office, or allows to solve global problems, should consider studying geography. The degrees in geography offer concentrations to prepare graduates for multiple career paths.


To be a globally known academic school for our innovative, cutting-edge research in a human and natural system that defines the evolving discipline to answer the fundamental questions of global importance through innovative, engaged and relevant teaching and research.

  • To disseminate geographical knowledge through mentorship model to graduate masters, M.Phil and doctoral students to meet the challenges associated with the continuing evolution of geographic science and reach the highest international standards.
  • To provide a learning environment that nourishes knowledge, skills and wisdom with lively educational experiences.

In the Master degree course, students are introduced to a spectrum of geographical topics along with Remote Sensing and GIS in the first two semesters that are followed up in more details in the final year. Students must perform 92 credits to earn a master degree in Geography. With full-time enrollment, students can become a post-graduate in two years.


Geography offers two specializations – Geomorphology and Social Geography. Under Geomorphology, geographers study landscapes, bodies of water and geomorphic processes, as well as human impact on geographic elements. Social Geography “…stressed both the humanistic nature of the geographical world… and the classificatory nature of… human geographical work…”

Fieldwork opportunities

In teaching Geography, we emphasize the importance of fieldwork since we believe there is no substitute for teaching subjects first hand. Thus in second-semester students takes part in a week-long field course within the country. In the final semester, students are to do independent research in the field and to submit a dissertation for evaluation.


The Department has opened up the opportunity of research by introducing M.Phil in 2020 and PhD in 2019. With the present faculty position, Geography of Bodoland University has an endeavour to study the multifaceted predicament and concerns related to environment and society faced by the region. Most of us do research that addresses the core concerns of environmental and social issues. We seek to understand inequalities within and across the country and the world and to understand how the study of the environment and social issues can help to eliminate constraints of resource development and social wellbeing for all protecting our ecosystems.

Research GuidesResearch Area
Prof. Sujit Deka, M.Sc, PhDRiver & Wetland studies, Geomorphic Hazards, Watershed Management, Wasteland Study, Resource Management, Environmental issues, Sustainable Development
Dr. Pralip Kr Narzary, MA, MPS, PhDForced Migration, Family Planning, Community health, Marginalized groups, Development, Northeast India
Dr. Sibani Basumatari, M.Sc., PhDHealth Geography, Tribal Studies, Sustainable studies and Gender issues.

Dr. Sujit Deka, M.Sc., PhD
Professor & Head of the Department
Cell phone: +919954077546
Email: sujitdeka@gmail.com , geographyhod@bodolanduniversity.ac.in

Sujit Deka

Dr. Pralip Kr Narzary, MA, MPS, PhD
Designation: Associate Professor
Cell phone: +9198611045561
Email: pralipkn@gmail.com

Pralip Nazrzary

Dr. Sibani Basumatary, MA, PhD
Designation: Assistant Professor
Cell phone: +919577123413
Email: sibani.rs@gmail.com

Sibani Basumatary

Mr. Bhobesh Daimary
Designation: Assistant Professor.
Cell phone: +918135927180
Email: bhobeshdaimary@gmail.com

Bhobesh Daimary

Mr. Bhargab Jyoti Kachari
Designation: Assistant Professor
Cell phone: +919954068113
Email: jkbhargav23@gmail.com

Bhargab Jyoti Kachari

Mr Nijwm Brahma
Designation: Peon
Cell phone: +916000988262

Nijwm Brahma
  • Lecture cum Interaction Programme on the Eve of Earth Day Celebration
  • Plantation Drive on the Eve of Earth Day Celebration
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